Unfortunately the day has come where EmpyreanPK, like most servers, must to come to an end. Sadly, we are no longer able to juggle our real life responsibilities with the responsibilities that come with running a server. We tried for months to muster up what spare time we could find for EmpyreanPK, but still fell short. We were unable to give the server and its players the full attention they deserved.

The staff (Ryan, Patrik, Derive, Mko), would like to give a huge thanks to everybody who played EmpyreanPK. You guys were the force that kept this server moving for so long.

Patrik has been entrusted with the server files and the time may come where he decides he is in a position where he can get the server back up and running again. So this may not be a goodbye; it might just be a see you later.

DEVELOPMENT (PATRIK) (4:18PM 5/12/2014): We've managed to find a way to make this work. I'll start off by pointing out theres a change in the ownership, with names that are already familiar on the server. There will be economy reset. Only thing that will be touched is the wealth where pk points will be given back also donator tickets. The server will be introduced with new content that has never even been thought of. This will enhance the gameplay, permformance of the game and the economy itself.